Allie's Guide

How to Rock and Rule This Site!

When you create a web site, make it good. That’s a rule! My site is all about making rules, comparing notes, and having fun. So here are some tips and tricks for getting started!

  1. The numero uno thing you should do is sign up for an account! You need to be a member of THE STACKS to unlock all the really cool stuff on my site — like customizing your own Notebook, voting on your favorite rules, and gabbing on the boards.

    If you already have a Screen Name and Password through THE STACKS (like for posting on the message boards), then you're in luck! You can use that account here — even if you’re new to my site.

  2. Once you've signed up as a member, there's a ton that you can do, but if I were you, I'd start by customizing your personal Notebook. (That's not a rule, just a suggestion.) First, you can check out my notebook for inspiration!

    To access your Notebook at any time, click on the "My Rules Notebook" link at the top of the page.

  3. You can write your own rules or pick from the Super Rulebook, which is a collection of everyone’s rules. If you choose from the Super Rulebook, your Notebook will update right away. If you decide to make up your own rule, then we need to take a look at it first; once we’re sure it’s Rule-a-licious, then you can add it to your Notebook and it will be available in the Super Rulebook for everybody else to add to their Notebooks too!

    To keep track of the rules that you've submitted, you can check the "My Rules" tab. You'll see all of your rules that have made it into the Super Rulebook and all your rules that are still under review, plus any rules that didn't make the cut and the reasons why. Don't worry — everyone else will only see your accepted rules.

    If you want to show off your Notebook to the rest of THE STACKS community, just click on the "Add to Profile" link and a mini version of your Notebook will automatically be added to your STACKS profile!

    Want even more details? Check out the Rules for Rules.

    And keep an eye on the "Notable Notebooks" section on the homepage, where I feature my favorite Notebooks. You might just see yourself up there one day!

  4. After your Notebook is ready for the adoring public to see, it’s time to get active in the community. Here’s how:

    1. The Rules of the Month Contest: Think you’ve got the best rules? Then prove it! Every month, we feature a new topic and then turn it over to you guys to send in your top rules on that subject. The next month, everyone will vote and the five top-rated rules will be declared the winners! (BTW, we don't make you choose between the Rules of the Month Contest and the Super Rulebook — anything you submit to the contest automatically goes into the Super Rulebook too.)
    2. The Blab Boards: If you’re a real chatterbox, this is the spot for you! Talk about what matters most to you — school, friends, the fam, whatever — plus Meg Cabot (whoever that is). And if your parents ask, be sure to tell them that the Blab Boards are totally safe because we review everyone’s posts before they go public. So go ahead — talk amongst yourselves!
    3. Make Friends: If you see someone with a really cool Notebook, let her know that she’s got your seal of approval — make her your Friend by visiting her profile and then clicking on the "Add as a Friend" link. She'll be notified that she's got a new friend request.
  5. If you're not in the mood for human contact — and let's face it, everyone has days like that — there's still plenty to do on my site. Head on over to the Games and Gizmos section, where you can:

    1. create outfits for little old me
    2. decorate and send virtual cupcakes to your pals
    3. voice your opinion in daily polls (and suggest your own poll questions)
    4. take personality quizzes
    5. lose track of time playing the Geode Match-Up and Cupcake Switcheroo games
    6. adopt your own virtual pet
    7. style your dream bedroom

    Well, that's what you need to know about my site! Want to know more about ME? Get the lowdown in the About the Books section. You can read excerpts from the various books starring yours truly and also get the inside scoop directly from Meg Cabot (again, with this Meg Cabot person!). Of course, you can always check my profile in THE STACKS to keep tabs on my life between books.

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